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Diversified Investment

Diversified Investment Services, Inc. is a note investment company created by Fred Rewey and Tracy Z in 1997. In addition to marketing and purchasing notes for its own account, DIS also works with brokers providing consulting, closing, and Master Broker services.
Diversified Investment advantages such as DIS primarily purchases notes for its own account. The notes are held for long-term investment or future resale in large portfolios. They get the benefit of having an adviser, but they don't lose the advantage of being direct with someone who can make decisions and fund rapidly.
Diversified Aggressive Equity Fund seeks capital appreciation. The fund invests primarily in common stocks issued by small and medium-size companies with the potential for above-average growth in earnings and/or revenue. To choose stocks, the advisor emphasizes issuers with above-average, consistent and accelerating profitability and growth. The fund may also purchase preferred stocks, warrants, convertible and non-convertible bonds, and foreign securities, including ADRs.
Diversified Balanced Instl seeks total return. The fixed income portion consists chiefly of investment-grade debt. The fund may invest up to 25percent of assets in foreign securities, including sponsored American depositary receipts. The fund invests in a combination of equity and fixed-income securities. It preserves at least 25percent of assets in fixed income senior securities.
Diversified High-Quality Bond Fund seeks current income consistent with preservation of capital. The fund typically invests at least 65percent of assets in high-quality short- to intermediate-term debt securities. The average weighted maturity does not ordinarily exceed five years.
Diversified International Equity Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation. It maintains investments in a minimum of three foreign countries, and it may invest up to 10percent of assets in emerging markets. The fund currently invests most assets in Canada, the Far East, Australia, and Europe.
The Diversified Investors Small Cap Growth fund seeks to providea high total investment return through investing in a diversified portfolio of common stocks. The fund seeks to provide a high total investment return through investing in a diversified portfolio of common stocks. The small-cap growth fund invests primarily in stocks of companies with small market capitalizations which the fund's advisors believe have above average growth potential.
The Diversified Investors funds guarantees you the best pricing existing joint with the top rate service you deserve. The Diversified Investors funds had been helping people convert their future payments into cash now, for over 15 years.

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