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Mckee Funds

Melvin is a chief investment officer with C.S. McKee & Co., his employer since 2000. He joined the firm after spending 6 years at Dartmouth Capital where he served as president and chief investment officer. Prior, he was vice president and portfolio manager at Federated Investors. Since joining Federated in 1980, he has managed several growth, value, and utility funds. Previously, Melvin spent 2 years with the Corp of Engineers-Cold Regions Research and Engineering as a management analyst.

The investment seeks long-term total growth of capital. The fund normally invests at least sixty five percent of assets in equity securities issued by foreign markets. It may invest in major markets and industries included in the EAFE index, typically from at least fifteen countries. The categories assigned are sector, equity, mixed and fixed income to each fund by Morningstar.

It is based on patented and proprietary tools. The Economy Matters Eta Analysis goes beyond general statements about the economy and applies 18 specific macroeconomic factors to your investment. These results in complement firm analysis, company research and other industry reporting by providing macro quantitative measures of the current economy's impact. The Economy Matters reports open a window on the statistical impact of these factors for approximately fifteen thousand United States stocks, mutual funds, and indices.
Lipper Fund Fact Sheets provide you with the critical information needed to find a fund that fits your investment needs. Using their proprietary Lipper Leaders rating system you can evaluate funds in any of five investor-oriented categories. Lipper Fact Sheets also include a fund overview, current and historical performance data, portfolio holdings, and expense information; all designed in a user-friendly format that lets you quickly and accurately make your investment choices.

With industry-specific, emerging growth focus, the funds helps to clearly differentiate the investor’s business model and position his company to appeal to institutional investors.

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