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Smith Barney

Smith Barney has been one of Wall Street's leading equity research and investment management houses. It is renowned for offering a range of proven equity, fixed income and specialty funds.

Their investment approach is not based on trying to be the best all the time. Trying to generate the highest possible return usually means taking too much risk all too often this leads to the year's top performing funds being amongst next year's worst. Their investment style is different. By focusing on risk just as much as return, they seek to achieve attractive, consistent returns over the long term.

Consulting Group Core Fixed-Income Investments seeks income and low volatility. The fund normally invests in U.S. government securities, investment-grade corporate bonds, preferred stocks, mortgage related securities, and cash. It may invest no more than 25 percent of assets in privately-issued mortgage securities. The fund maintains an average maturity of 3 to 7 years.

Consulting Group Emerging Markets Equity Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation. The fund generally invests at least 65 percent of assets in equities of issuers located in at least 3 emerging-market countries. In selecting investments, the fund first chooses countries based on factors such as rate of GDP growth, rate of inflation, and projected currency relationships.
The Company Adjustable Rate Income Fund seeks income. The fund normally invests at least 80 percent of its net assets will be invested in adjustable rate securities, which may include US government securities. It will also be permitted to invest up to 20 percent of its net assets in short duration corporate and U.S. government fixed rate debt securities.
The Company Capital & Income SB fund seeks total return. The fund primarily invests in equity and fixed income securities of both U.S. and foreign issuers. It will seek to generate income and appreciation by allocating fund assets to income and non-income producing equity and equity related securities, including common stocks, real estate investment trusts and convertible securities. The fund will also invest in investment grade and high yield fixed income securities or unrated securities of equivalent quality along with options on security indices. SB will seek to produce a pattern of total return that moves with the S&P 500 Index, while generating high income.
The company mission is to provide investors and their financial advisors with investment management excellence a combination of outstanding performance and extraordinary service.

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