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The Teberg Fund

is the product of above 25 years study of mutual funds and working with individual clients who want to participate in the market while attempting to minimize risk. Here is a diversified, actively managed portfolio of mutual funds with an emphasis on controlling risk and preserving capital. Teberg is designed for the investor who wants to own a good mix of funds but wants a seasoned professional to do the research and pick the funds and decides when to buy and when to sell.


The Teberg Fund
is a closely managed portfolio of mutual funds from many fund families. The Fund is ideal for the investor who wants to own a number of different mutual funds but wants an experienced advisor to decide which funds to buy and which to sell and how long to own them. Second theFund has a major emphasis on managing risk preserving capital and achieving steady growth. 


Teberg Fund seeks capital appreciation plus income. The fund primarily invests in shares of any number of other mutual funds. Some of the underlying funds invest in the stocks of large, medium and small capitalization companies while others invest in fixed income securities. The fund may invest up to 80 percent of assets in high yield funds. The investment in underlying fund that invests in foreign securities will not exceed 5 percent of the fund's portfolio.  The minimum initial investment is 25000 dollars. The minimum subsequent investment is 1000 dollars. The fund is non-diversified.


Alpha is a measure of risk-adjusted return. This number represents the difference between the security's actual performance and the performance anticipated in light of the security's risk posture and the market's behavior. A positive Alpha indicates that the manager has been successful at security selection and or market timing and has produced a rate of return which is more than adequate with the security's risk posture.


Beta is a measure of a security's volatility relative to the market.  Securities with betas higher than 1.0 have been and are expected to be, more volatile than the fund's benchmark (S&P 500).  Securities with betas lower than 1.0 have been, and are expected to be, less volatile than the fund's benchmark.

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