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Van Kampen

Van Kampen Investments has guided generations of investors and financial professionals on their path to financial success.
Under their services such as Van Kampen Aggressive Growth Fund seeks capital growth. The fund principally invests in equities issued by small and medium capitalization companies. Using a bottom-up approach, the advisor seeks issuers that are likely to produce high future earnings through new product developments or industry and market changes.
Van Kampen American Franchise fund seeks long-term capital appreciation. The fund primarily invests in equity securities of U.S. issuers that have resilient business franchises and growth potential. It may purchase and sell certain derivative instruments, such as options, futures contracts, options on futures contracts and currency-related transactions for various portfolio management purposes including to facilitate portfolio management and to mitigate risks. The fund is no diversified.
Van Kampen American Value Fund seeks long-term total return. The fund normally invests at least 65percent of assets in equity securities of small to medium sized companies. The fund may invest in foreign securities.
Van Kampen Comstock fund seeks capital growth and income. The fund primarily invests in equity securities, including common stocks, preferred stocks and convertibles. It emphasizes a value style of investing seeking well-established, under-valued companies that have the potential for capital growth and income.
Van Kampen Global Equity Alloc fund seeks long-term capital appreciation. The fund normally invests at least 65percent of assets in equities of issuers located in at least three countries, including the United States. The advisor uses a top-down approach that emphasizes country selection and allocation rather than individual stock selection.
Van Kampen Value Opportunities fund seeks capital growth and income. The fund invests primarily in equity securities of value companies, seeking well-established undervalued companies. The fund may invest up to 25percent of assets in foreign securities. The fund is diversified.
Closed-end funds offer many of the same benefits as open-end mutual funds, including professional management, portfolio diversification, and liquidity. But, because of certain distinguishing features, closed-end funds offer investors other, distinct opportunities as well. There is no assurance that a mutual fund will achieve its investment objective.
By maintaining order and freedom across market cycles, their enduring approach to money management earns confidence through disciplined investment teams, careful long-term perspective, and a research-driven culture, legacy of experience and wide range of solutions.

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