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Ugi Corp

Ugi Corp is a publicly traded company having a good stock performance result. Ugi Corp is a fortune 500 stock listed company trading under UGI.The Company was founded in 1882 and is based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

UGI Corporation, through its subsidiaries, engages in the distribution and marketing of energy products and related services. The company operates in five segments namely AmeriGas Propane, International Propane, Gas Utility, Electric Utility, and Energy Services. The AmeriGas Propane segment distributes propane; sells, installs, and services heating systems; and installs and services propane fuel systems for motor vehicles.

UGI is a holding Company with 3 major subsidiaries: AmeriGas Partners, L.P., a national marketer of propane; UGI Utilities, Inc., a natural gas and electric utility serving eastern Pennsylvania; and UGI Enterprises, Inc., a supplier of energy services and developer of growth opportunities domestically and internationally.

GASMARK is a UGI Enterprise company providing natural gas and other energy services domestically. This segment serves residential, commercial, agricultural, motor fuel, wholesale, and industrial users in the United States and Canada. The International Propane segment distributes liquid petroleum gas (LPG) for space heating, cooking, water heating, process heat, and transportation; and wholesales LPG. It also provides logistic, storage, and other services to third-party LPG distributors. It serves residential, commercial, agricultural, and motor fuel customers in Europe. 

 The Gas Utility segment distributes natural gas in eastern and southeastern Pennsylvania counties through gas mains to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

The Electric Utility segment supplies electric service in portions of Luzerne and Wyoming Counties in northeastern Pennsylvania through transmission and distribution lines and transmission substations to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

The Energy Services segment sells natural gas directly to commercial and industrial customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, and the District of Columbia through transportation systems; fuel oil, electricity, and LPG to commercial and industrial customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland; and propane. It also generates electricity.

The company also provides heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and electrical contracting services to residential, commercial, industrial, and new construction markets.
The Company has made approximately 5.1bl dollars sales as of 31st Dec 2005. They have earned 166.8 million dollars as income in the last 12 months.
UGI is a provider of natural gas and electricity service through regulated local distribution utilities, and also a generator of electricity through its ownership interests in electric generation facilities. It is a regional marketer of energy commodities, and a provider of heating and cooling services.   

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