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Lexmark Intl

Lexmark Intl is a publicly traded company having a good stock performances result. It is a Fortune 500 stock listed company.
Mr. Charles Ames is chief of the Company since March 1991. Mr. Ames was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Reliance Electric Company previously. The company has reported 5.2 billion dollars in revenue in 2005. Revenue derived from international sales and exports from the United States make up about half of the company's consolidated revenue.
Force has led to their position as number 370 on the 2005 Fortune 500 listing. They received 2005 recognition for their new products from the test labs. They announced financial results for the fourth quarter of 2005. Fourth-quarter revenue was 1.37 billion dollars compared to 1.54 billion dollars last year. Earnings per share were 0.71 dollars compared to 1.18 dollars last year. In the fourth quarter, year-over-year business segment revenue of 693 million dollars was down by12 percent and consumer segment revenue of 672 million dollars was down by 11 percent. Revenue in both segments was lower mainly due to lower hardware unit sales, hardware price declines, and weak supplies sales.
Gross profit margin declined to 28.3 percent in the fourth quarter of 2005 from 32.0 percent in last year, mostly driven by lower product gross margins. Operating expenses as a percent of revenue increased to 20.0 percent versus 19.2 percent last year due to the decline in revenue outpacing the reduction in operating expenses. Fourth-quarter net cash provided by operating activities was 213 million dollars. Capital expenditures for the quarter were 48 million dollars and they repurchased 200 million dollars of its stock during the quarter.
The company's remaining share repurchase authorization was 331 million dollars at quarter end. On January 20, 2006, the company's board of directors increased its share      repurchase agreement by 1.0 billion dollars, resulting in a total repurchase agreement of 1.3 billion dollars.
Lexmark has become a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of printing and imaging solutions for offices and homes. Their products include laser printers, inkjet printers, multifunction devices and associated supplies, services and solutions.
Lexmark makes it easier for businesses and consumers to move information between the digital and paper worlds.

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