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Telephone & Data Sys.

Telephone & Data Sys is a publicly traded company having a good stock performance result. Telephone & Data Sys is a fortune 500 stock listed company trading under TDS.
Telephone & Data Systems was incorporated in 1968 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.Telephone & Data Systems provides wireless and wire line telecommunications services in the United States. The company’s wireless products and services include mobile messaging, prepaid wireless service, voice and data services, mobile-to-mobile dialing, international long distance, wireless office products, including analog and digital handsets and directory assistance call completion services as well as local, regional, and national service plans. Its wire line telecommunications services include local exchange service, long-distance telephone service, and Internet access to rural and suburban communities.
The company sells its products through direct sales agents and retail sales and service centers as well as through the Internet and telesales. Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. announces James Barr III as the president and chief executive officer of the company.
Telephone & Data Sys and U.S. Cellular are listed on the American Stock Exchange under the ticker symbols Telephone & Data Sys. Shares can be bought or sold through any financial institution that provides brokerage services. Telephone & Data Sys common stock is traded on the American Stock Exchange under the ticker TDS.
Telephone & Data Sys offers a Dividend Reinvestment Program Common and preferred shareholders of record owning or more shares may purchase common shares with their reinvestment dividends at a five percent discount from market value. Shares may also be purchased at market value on a monthly basis through optional cash payments of up to 5,000 dollars in any calendar quarter. The initial 10 shares cannot be purchased directly from Telephone & Data Sys. An authorization card and prospectus will be mailed automatically by the transfer agent to all record holders with or more shares. Once enrolled in the plan, there are no brokerage commissions or service charges for purchases made under the plan.
Telephone & Data Sys has achieved 10 to 15 percent annual revenue growth over five years and fully developed their people's capabilities. Due to highly experienced people who are dedicated to customers’ success the company will continue to their profitable growth.

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