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1st Team Mortgage, Inc.

A Mortgage is a document that contains the details of an agreement between two parties. One of which is a borrower and the other party is a lender. The Agreement will include information like, Loan amount, Time period of the loan, Interest and the collateral on the loan which is normally the property being bought. A mortgage broker is generally a person or company whose expertise lies in the field of mortgage laws, properties available for sale, and loan procedures. They provide these services to clients for a fee which is usually a percentage of the loan or property amount.

1st Team Mortgage is a mortgage lending institution that prides itself in providing high quality financial services to the public. The Company is a family-owned mortgage company specializing in integrity, honesty, and helping each borrower find the right loan for their particular situation. They offer every type of product available in the banking industry, including purchasing, refinancing, land loans, construction loans, debt consolidations, and business and commercial loans at rates that are typically .25 to .50 percent lower than those offered by the banks. All their agents are licensed professionals, possessing expertise with different types of loans. The Company is licensed in Ohio, Florida, and Colorado and can originate loans from those three states currently, and also have pending applications for licenses in five other states. The philosophy behind their name comes from everyone working together as a team. They have a nice 6,000 square foot facility in Brecksville, but they frequently meet with clients in the comfort of their own homes. The Company’s primary goal is to help you find the loan you need.

1st Team Mortgage Inc. work for their customers, not for the banks. They strive to find the program that best fits their customer's needs. Many customers are unable to secure lending through a bank, not because of their credit history, but because they simply don't fit the banks' profile of an ideal borrower.
The Company is committed to providing the best service to clients seeking it from this industry as also to the pursuit of excellence, integrity being the forefront of their list of objectives. The Company has gained a fair deal of faith from their customers and continues to serve the community with a level of quality few in the industry can match.

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