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American Direct Mortgage

A Mortgage is a document that contains the details of an agreement between two parties. One of which is a borrower and the other party is a lender. The Agreement will include information like, Loan amount, Time period of the loan, Interest and the collateral on the loan which is normally the property being bought. A mortgage broker is generally a person or company whose expertise lies in the field of mortgage laws, properties available for sale, and loan procedures. They provide these services to clients for a fee which is usually a percentage of the loan or property amount.
American Direct Mortgage L.L.C. is a mortgage lending institution that prides itself in providing high quality financial services to the public. It is their mission to provide high quality mortgage programs at the most competitive rates in the nation. their home loan programs include: investment property loans, purchase, refinance, debt consolidation, home equity loans, second mortgages, construction loans, and home improvement loans tailored to your unique situation.
The Company staff of mortgage service professionals makes themselves accessible to clients around the clock, and strives to obtain the best mortgage loan package no matter what the situation. Interest rates are ever changing and vary based on the type of loan you are looking for. Simply check the options below that you are interested in and their system will find rates that match your actual criteria:  Adjustable rate mortgage, Fixed Rate Mortgage, Annual percentage rate. Their loan products are: 100 percent financing, Full doc and stated income, fixed rate mortgages adjustable rate mortgages, types of standard ARMs, introductory Rate ARMs, reverse mortgages.
The Company assists you through six basic steps in procuring a loan for buying a house or renovation of your home. The six steps are; Getting your documents organized, convincing the loan company that you qualify for the loan, explains the best loan plans from various companies available within your budget, applies for the loan, obtains approval for the loan, and assists in closing the loan.

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