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Broker's Settlement Svcs

A Mortgage is a document that contains the details of an agreement between two parties. One of which is a borrower and the other party is a lender. The Agreement will include information like, Loan amount, Time period of the loan, Interest and the collateral on the loan which is normally the property being bought. A mortgage broker is generally a person or company whose expertise lies in the field of mortgage laws, properties available for sale, and loan procedures. They provide these services to clients for a fee which is usually a percentage of the loan or property amount.
Broker’s Settlement Services founded in 1997 and is based in Pennsylvania. The company is one of Pennsylvania’s leading providers of mortgage-related information, products and services. Broker’s Settlement Services is a full-service title agency and settlement company, which offers property data services; title insurance and mortgage document preparation; and title clearance and closing services throughout the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia and Florida. Title insurance is an insurance policy protecting the insured from claims that affect title to the property. It can also protect against title problems that existed prior to becoming the owner of the property. Title insurance is an uncommon form of insurance in that there is only one premium paid, and this is done at the time of closing. Any prospective buyer or lender will need evidence that an investment in the property is free of title defects. Title insurance coverage is in effect as long as the owner or his/her heirs retain interest in the property and, in some cases, even beyond.
Broker’s Settlement Services offers a complete, impartial closing service. Their experienced closing agents will guide your clients through the settlement process and answer any questions that may arise, ensuring a smooth closing. With their network of closing agents, they provide convenient closing locations and scheduling. Their funding department will also handle any wire transfers and disbursements, ensuring all parties involved receive their timely payments.

Broker’s Settlement Services is a state-of-the-art title, settlement and closing company that focuses on the wholesale industry and caters to the individual needs of today’s mortgage and real estate brokers. Through the use of custom technology and staffed by the industry’s finest professionals, Broker’s Settlement Services sees a need to focus on this growing segment of the mortgage industry.

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