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Asia Pacific Groups

Asia Pacific Groups is a document that contains the details of an agreement between two parties. One of which is a borrower and the other party is a lender. The Agreement will include information like, Loan amount, Time period of the loan, Interest and the collateral on the loan which is normally the property being bought. A mortgage broker is generally a person or company whose expertise lies in the field of mortgage laws, properties available for sale, and loan procedures. They provide these services to clients for a fee which is usually a percentage of the loan or property amount.

The firmwas established in 1987 as a subsidiary of HMW & JK Enterprises, inc., which was incorporated in California, USA. The firm was organized initially to do business in real estate investment, development, brokerage, and finance. In 1992, the company started to develop mortgage banking along with mortgage brokerage business. Special emphasis was put into short term commercial and equity lending. The company expanded rapidly. It is now the most recognized finance company in Asian community in the bay Area.

The firm is a one stop shop for all types of financial needs including residential, commercial, business loans, venture capital and real estate project development. In Commercial loans they offer rates as low as 4 percent to 6 percent adjustable rate or 6 percent to 7.5 percent .Fixed Rate for 10 years with 30 Year Amortization on various programs with different Payment Options.

The scope of business has been enlarged into modern consulting, e-commerce, and marketing business operation with a telephone call center. They have started to invest in Beijing and Hong Kong and they also looking to business acquisition in the western part of China since the Chinese government encourages development in this region. They vision to become the preferred broker for their associates, clients and partners. They are committed to build a long term relationship and offer a quality service with honesty and empathy.

Their mission is to help their communities to become financially successful through the acquisition of real estate and the effective management of their mortgages. They are really committed to work that if the loan doesn't make sense they will let you know, they never offer a product that can't get and they will always be on your side, remember the firm wants your business and your friends business.

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