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The Ameristock Funds were created in 1995. The Ameristock Mutual Fund is a No-Load, value-based, domestic, equity-income fund that invests in U.S based companies with a market capitalization of at least $15 billion. Under normal market conditions, the Ameristock Mutual Fund will invest at least 80 percent of the value of its total assets in common stock of such large capitalization companies.
Ameristock founder Nicholas Gerber co-manages the Ameristock Mutual Fund. Prior to establishing Ameristock, Gerber served as a portfolio manager with Bank of America Capital Management, where he was in charge for the each day stewardship of four funds with a joint value in excess of $240 million. Ameristock Fund seeks capital appreciation and current income. The fund normally invests at least 80 percent of assets in common stocks. Management emphasizes large-cap companies that it evaluates to have low P/E ratios and high dividend yields. The fund may invest in foreign securities only through American depositary receipts. It may also invest in high-quality fixed-income securities and may engage in options and futures transactions.
Ameristock Funds was brought into being on a simple concept: That if you deal with risk in place of return, the return will take care of itself. Looking back over their history, the concept on which Ameristock was founded has served their investors well. The Ameristock Mutual Fund combines the best of both active and passive portfolio management.The Fund emphasizes a value style of investing with attention paid to lower P/E ratios, sales, and book values combined with higher dividend yields than those typically found at other companies with parallel large capitalizations. To a smaller extent, the Fund also invests in huge capitalization growth stocks in order to be represented in that portion of the stock market.
In Ameristock, mutual funds are value-based, large and positioned for total return. Initial investment is$1,000, minimum increment investment is$100, and fees are1.00 percent of fund's average net assets up to $100 million, then .75 percent thereafter. Ameristock’s category is of large value. Net assets are 780.77M, year-to-date return is 2.99 percent, yield is 2.19 percent, Morningstar rating is three stars, and fund inception date is 31-Aug-95.
The company prides themselves on their accessibility and encourages frequent and open communication with the clients. Client satisfaction is the most appropriate measure of their success.

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