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Bryce Funds

Bryce Funds is one of the leading organizations of several affiliated investment management companies .The Company manages markets and administers mutual funds.
Prior to co-founding Bryce Capital Management, Dennis Lohouse was Chief Investment Officer for Chase Investment Services Group, a division of the Chase Manhattan Bank. In that capacity he managed the corporate, institutional and personal investment businesses of Chase's Regional Bank and was responsible for 11.5 billion dollars in managed client assets.
The Plans the Company offers include; Bryce Capital Growth Fund and Bryce Capital Value Fund; Large and mid-cap growth companies offer investors the potential for long term returns based on superior earnings growth, financial strength and the proven ability to deliver results. Buying this growth at attractive prices is the fund's primary investment discipline. The fund strives to have an average growth rate that is higher than the S&P500 and an average valuation that is less than the market.
The Bryce Capital Growth Fund's management team uses a focused and disciplined approach - limiting their selections to 25-30 growth companies that they believe offer strong earnings growth at valuations that are attractive. The careful attention to stock selection helps the fund manage risk, as does its diversification across many economic sectors and industries. Value investing offers investors the opportunity to buy companies, which have compelling valuations thereby providing the potential for long term gains. The fund's management team uses a series of statistical models to find undervalued companies with financial strength and share price momentum. These models identify candidates for purchase and stocks that are to be considered for sale.
Bryce Capital Value Fund generally holds up to 50 stocks diversified by sector and industry. The fund has a strong sell discipline. Positions that grow to 2.7 dollars of the total portfolio are either cut back or sold. Positions that drop to 1.5 dollars of the portfolio are either increased or sold if the fundamentals of the company have changed.
Bryce Funds has satisfied a range of investment objectives and will continue to grow in future.

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