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Northern Funds

Since 1889, Northern Trust has built a time honored tradition of strength and stability in investment management. Before 8 years, the creation of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, 35 years before the introduction of the first mutual fund, and 82 years before the start of the NASDAQ, Northern Trust was managing the assets of affluent individuals and large corporations.
Today, that same caliber of investment expertise is available to you through Northern Funds. The company understands that investing is about more than stocks and bonds. It's about a secure retirement for you, a college education for your children, a lasting legacy for your loved ones. They are proud to draw on a heritage dating back to the 19th century to help you pursue your goals in the 21st century.
Financial markets change daily, but sound investment principles remain timeless. At Northern Funds, their mission is simple work as diligently to invest your money as you did to earn it. Their extensive research to active risk management and well defined buy-sell criteria, they invest with a discipline practiced over more than a century of market highs and lows.
The company’s aggressive stock fund or a more conservative bond portfolio, every Northern Fund is guided by the same investment principles Draw on the wisdom and expertise of proven investment professionals averaging 15 years of experience. Take a team approach with portfolio managers, research analysts, traders and economists working collectively toward common goals.
Follow a disciplined investment process that pairs comprehensive research with experienced judgment; choose long-term performance over short-term profit. Pursue consistent investment returns, year in and year out All Northern Funds are 100 percent no-load. That means you pay no sales fees to purchase, exchange or redeem shares every dollar of your investment goes to work toward your financial future. 

As your investment needs continue to developed, the choices within the Northern Funds family continue to grow. Northern Funds offers the tools you need to build a diversified investment portfolio. Although the funds are no-load, other annual fees and expenses do apply as described by the prospectus.

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