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Wilbanks Securities, Inc.

Wilbanks Securities, Inc is a member of NASD (National Association of Security Dealer). NASD is a self-regulatory organization of the securities of the security industry responsibility for the operation and regulation of the NASDQ stock market and over the counter markets. It also administrates exams for the investments professionals, such as the series of 7 exams.
They are a Broker-Dealer with the strength and stability of a national industry leader. They provide a diverse array of technologies, capabilities, and products in an independent platform. They are the Financial Planner's Full Service Broker-Dealer with Pay-Outs Up To 95 percent.
The next step is to determine the investment mix or percentages of these various asset classes that would have maximized your returns in the past. They then develop and propose a portfolio uniquely tailored for you. This is the science of investing. They take other factors into consideration as well such as your tax bracket, retirement needs, your personal situation and funding capabilities, etc. This is the art of investment planning. The important thing is to know your risk tolerance, and this determines the combination of these asset classes you should own.
Their goal is to provide the best quality support and service to meet all of their representatives' financial services needs and maximize their time spent with clients, enabling these associates to help meet the financial goals of their customers through careful, needs-based planning in a truly objective fashion. The overwhelming majority of people could not explain why they own the investment mix that they have or even accurately define their tolerance for risk. This causes people to invest in an ad hoc random fashion, without rhyme or reason. The result is less than desirable investment returns. Investments A&B increase and decline in lockstep. Owning one as good as owns both. These two investments provide little diversification. For example, two computer manufacturers. Investments that have random or negative correlation allow for the necessary diversification that investors need. Investments C & D accomplish diversification. Notice that these two investments do not increase or decline in lockstep, although they are both going up over time. This tends to smooth the volatility of the overall returns of both investments combined, which reduces the risk to the investor. For example, a  snow blower and lawnmower manufacturer.

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