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Princeton Financial Group, Llc.

Princeton Financial Group, Llc is a member of NASD, the National Association of Securities Dealers. NASD is a self-regulatory organization of the securities industry responsible for the operation and regulation of the NASDQ stock market and over the counter markets. It also administrates exams for the investments professionals, such as the series of 7 exams.
In 1998, Mr. Bakhos founded Princeton Financial Group to provide institutional investors independent financial advice and execution services from a dedicated group of industry leading experts. The firm is focused on producing timely, actionable ideas that are customized to their clients’ needs. The firm philosophy is one of partnership with its clients. Using proprietary technical and quantitative methodologies, coupled with psychological analysis of the market dynamics.

The firm is registered as an International dealer in Canada, which enables it to service clients across North America. The realization by market professionals that traditional Wall Street research is repetitive, outmoded and unable to provide unique ideas has driven the Princeton team to create and develop innovative, dynamic and unique research. They are constantly striving to develop leading edge analytical methods that help their clients stay ahead of the competition.

The firm pursuant to NASD rules has created a Business Continuity Plan, to address and guide their response to and recovery from Significant Business Disruptions. Copies of this Summary Disclosure Statement shall be given to all clients at the time they open their accounts. Congress has passed major changes to modernize the laws that govern the financial services industry, including those designed to safeguard individual privacy.
The firm protecting their clients’ privacy is chief. They recognize that an individual’s financial matters are extremely private and sensitive in nature. These new laws and regulations, combined with their venerable firm policies, enable them to protect your privacy and, at the same time, provide you with a broad range of high quality accounts and services. They collect only the information that is required to provide you with the highest quality professional services as well as what we are required to know by law and regulation.
The firm insists on integrity, honesty and fairness in all aspect of their business, and they seek the same from those with whom they conduct business with. All business transactions are reflected in their records in accordance with established procedures and are subject to audit.

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